Why choose TMGA D Y Patil


TMGA D Y Patil Sports Centre is the perfect place to bond with your family and friends and make life long memories with us. We offer multiple sports facilities , health and lifestyle amenities alongside exquisite dining experiences. With a dedicated team of staff aimed to deliver a premium sports recreation destination for you and your family in a secure environment, we ensure that you have an enriching experience. Our members have access to some of the best infrastructure in the country, which is designed to suit the fitness needs of all age groups.

TMGA DY Patil Sports Centre is the perfect place to immerse yourself in luxury while adapting to a fun and fitter lifestyle. The flourishing campus surrounded by soothing greenery creates an ideal environment to detoxify and indulge in some relaxation after a hard day’s work. At TMGA D Y Patil Sports Centre, we aspire to serve our members with absolute integrity and aim to bring the community together with sport and contribute in shaping a brighter tomorrow for the citizens of India.

A Glimpse of the Sports Centre